Two images of our heor ScarActors, one is the mad scientist and the other is bloody face, with the Haunted halls of Horror logo in middle with flames behind it.


The cold weather is coming. There’s no way we could do this in the winter. It has to be now. There was a huge influx of prisoners arriving at the camp in September. Another camp must have been closed. Listening to the guards, capos and stool pigeons, you’ve heard the rumors. They’re gon’na shut it down. No evidence left behind. Wipe it clean off the map. Impending doom; execution for all makes your escape the only desperate alternative. You might make it weaving through the buildings, breaking through the fences, run for your life across that wide field to the safety of the woods. The guards can’t get all of us. Some will survive. Gotta go for it.  If you don’t try you know what fate certainly awaits the passive. It’s October and the deadline nears. Leo Feldhendler and Lieutenant Lexy Pechersky have it all carefully planned out. When they give the signal we will eliminate as many of the patrolling guards as possible, steal their weapons, meet at our predetermined spots, shed these prison clothes, and make a break for it. Yeah, I get it; we’re a long way behind enemy lines, and we have miles to go avoiding detection, to safely reach freedom. Captured? Killed? What are the odds? Maybe one in six, will be lucky but there are hundreds of us who will try. Easy to panic, but use your head along with all your stealth, speed and strength. The Outbreak is our only hope for survival.  Good luck, my friend; now go. Gods Speed.

On 14 October 1943 Around 300 prisoners were able to escape. Most of those who had not joined the escape were killed. Only 50 of the escapees survived the war.

5 head shots of ScarActors from last years haunted halls of horror, covered with blood, wounds, and gross teeth.


Calendar image for haunt and states: Oct 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 31, and Nov 1 - 6:30 till 9:30 pm, and Saturday Matinee on 11, 18, 25, and Nov 1 from 4 till 6.

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