Two images of our heor ScarActors, one is the mad scientist and the other is bloody face, with the Haunted halls of Horror logo in middle with flames behind it.

2010 - 2016 RIP

The calls have begun to come in about HHH 2017.

Last year's seventh season was the last year.

The space appropriated for the haunt is being repurposed.

The haunt scenes have been removed.

The largest area, formely the cemetery, will be transformed into

our new funraising efforts : Xscapes.

Our escape rooms have become very poplular and are available for

booking year-round (scroll down for more info).

For those seeking a Halloween thrill, we would direct you to Slava's Zombie Circus in Owego NY


Reaper's Revenge in the Scranton PA area.


Xscapes are interactive adventure based escape room scenarios. Escape rooms are a rapidly growing popular entertainment adventure. You are part of a team of players who are placed in a room filled with puzzles and the clues that you need to solve the adventure. You have a time limit to escape the scenario successfully.






5 head shots of ScarActors from last years haunted halls of horror, covered with blood, wounds, and gross teeth.


Explore the website. Like us on Facebook. Click on the links for more information. Bring your friends and come see what we’ve prepared for you this year.  



STIC logo - two hands with dove in center - link to STIC web site.



Graphic states: STIC 135 E Frederick Street. Binghamton, NY , and is a link to google maps for directions.



 Image of old house and link to rate HHH haunted house at NY Haunted House site.